Character Creation

Voyage is going to be using the Cortex Plus system for character creation and concept. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a good pdf (or a bad one at that) for the Cortex plus, all I’ve found is the Cortex and the Smallville rpg (which uses Cortex Plus). Unless someone else can get ahold of the Core book we’ll just use the Smallville book.

Why Cortex?

Cortex system is a system centered around the story. Every little game mechanic is laid down for the soul purpose of causing IC drama and pushing new, and already existing plot arcs. The biggest example of this is the complete absence of physical stats, instead of attributes like strength, dexterity and intelligence you’re character is defined by their personality. What relationships, aspects of life, fears and allegiances motivates them. So all players should be focused on creating fun, interesting stories and character more then number crunching and leveling up. If this sounds like your type of game, welcome aboard.

Character creation is done in two steps and should be done with all the players present so that back story between characters (if any) and starting plot arcs can be hashed out. The first step is the character sheet, which will define the character himself. The second is the Plot web, which will be a large web linking all the characters together, along with places, organizations, nemisis’s, etc etc they are linked to. Pretty much a web that will point out obvious conflicts that should and will most likely come into play during game. The character web is used by the players to oocly help contribute to the story and for the GM to build scenarios around the items with the most character links around it.

things to think about when making your character. Concept, everyone should have a general concept with their character, think of it as a unique theme, an air, about your character. Are you the “old man” war veteran ready for retirement? An L.A. Noire sleuth? Rebel? Each character should be built with a unique concept that ISN’T already in the group. The more opposites we can gather the more conflict will arise, the more interesting our story will become.

Officer positions. What position will you be playing and can this concept be worked into the position? Obviously we can’t have the captain being some uncharismatic lazy fool, else he would never have gotten the rank of captain.

Forum play

I’d like to get character creation done as soon as possible, even though we probably won’t be having our first mission for awhile yet. Ideally my plan is to bounce back and forth between the Artemis simulator and a forum based rp here on OP. After character creation is done I’m going to throw up details about the academy so we can begin roleplaying and building up to the first mission.


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