A Voyage Begins

A year ago NASA constructed the Icarus just outside of Earth’s solar system. A self sustaining space station with a live crew responsible for conducting experiments that could not be safely conducted on earth. However with the completion of NASA’s first warp engines a crew was able to make it to the station in months compared to life times. A year later, using the data collected on Icarus, a fully functional space shuttle has been built and is being sent on it’s first mission; to take a fresh crew to the Icarus and bring the original crew home to earth. With the improvement of the warp engines this mission is estimated to take only one month, assuming everything goes as planned. If the crew, and this new ship, can complete a round trip to Icarus and back NASA has hinted to plans to station the shuttle at Icarus to explore past our solar system.

With the ship ready, simulations ran, tests completed. It’s time to find a crew. NASA has opened up a secret, selective program called the Academy of Advanced Travels for finding possible candidates for space travel, along with training and preparing them for what may come in the great unknown. The AAT (Or Starfleet as it’s been nicknamed) houses people of all walks of life from civilian scientists to Marine officers. From the loyal military officer to the high school drop out who’s random acts of leadership caught the eye of someone important. AAT uses both recommendations and applicants gathered through NASA to locate possible candidates, however each applicant is forced through a rigorous entrance exam which consists of a general fitness test, an intelligence test, followed by an engineered hardship constructed in secrecy by the AAT to study the moral fiber of their applicants. If all three are passed they are given entry to the AAT where they are taught everything one might need to know for space travel.


Jeto Niria ShawnStrickland